Thank You Thank You Thank You

Aaron and I have so many people to thank for helping our wedding run so smoothly. We are so lucky to have such wonderful and helpful family members that made everything happen.

A few special thank-yous to Mom, Debbie Poe, who designed all of the flowers at the ceremony and reception. This was a huge job and she truly made everything look amazing.

Grandma Ruby Poe for sewing the bridesmaid’s and flower girl’s dresses and assisting with some last minute tuxedo fitting. As well as a few alterations to my wedding gown. Everyone looked great and it’s all your fault.

Aunt Patsy and her daughters Valerie and Michelle for providing beautiful music for our ceremony. Aunts Lori, Debbie and Julie for helping getting everything in place for the reception and for serving the cake. Uncle Dale for running out to the store when we forgot to have forks for the cake! 🙂 We really appreciate all you guys.

My parent and Aaron’s parents for truly making it happen, for working so hard to make our dreams come true. We love you guys so much and are so blessed to have such wonderful parents to call our own.

Our siblings, you all pitched in and helped set up and then clean it all up after the party. We are so lucky to have such close families who are willing to do anything we ask just to make our day special.

I am so proud to call all of you my family. There were tons of hours of preparation that went into planning our wedding and Aaron and I could not be happier with the end result.

Please be sure to check out some of the pictures from the wedding and our honeymoon to Jamaica. Aaron has several blog posts and picture sets chronicling our trip at his website.  If you have any pictures you would like to share from our wedding please upload them to the website. We can’t wait to share the picture from our professional photographer which will be posted on Mosaic Photo’s website.

Thanks again to everyone who attended the wedding and made our wedding truly special.

One Month

We are on a mad dash to the finish line. I have lists upon lists of things to check, confirm and order. I cannot believe we are only 4 weeks away! I am excited to announce that the invitations are all mailed out, which is probably why you are visiting our wedding website.  We had quite the debacle trying to get the invitations printed. In the end everything worked out with Copies 4 Less in Manhattan who came to our rescue and had the invitations printed and cut the same day we took them in; I look forward to working with them on the wedding programs.

Last weekend we had a wonderful Couples Shower in Sharon. It was so nice to meet some the women of Sharon that I have heard so much about through the years. We are so lucky to have so many people supporting us during this time. Some close friends and I celebrated my Bachelorette party in Wichita over the weekend. It was very fun! Aaron and his fellas will be going out this weekend to Kansas City, I hope they behave themselves. 😉

Aaron and I have plenty of decisions left to make. It is so fun seeing all of the pieces of what will make our day unique floating around the house. My grandma Ruby Poe has started assembling the bridesmaid’s dresses and they are more perfect than I could have imagined. This weekend Holly and I will are taking my rings into be resized and soldered together. I finally ordered Aaron’s ring today, hopefully it is the right size.

Aaron and I booked our honeymoon to JAMAICA! We will be staying at the Couples Tower Isle resort in Ocho Rios, Jamaica! We can’t wait!

The next few weeks are going to fly by and I cannot wait till September 25. We have so many reasons to be excited, I am most looking forward to seeing family and friends and of course taking this next step in our lives together.

See ya soon!

50 Days and Counting

The days are flying by! I cannot believe we only have 50 days left until we get married.  These days are going to be very busy. Aaron and I have been working  hard on getting all of the details worked out for our big day. The invitations are almost ready to be mailed out. The invitations were designed by my brother Craig and I could not be happier with the final product. We still have considerable work to do on the guest list, but it is coming together.

Aaron and I have not yet decided on our honeymoon destination. We are looking pretty seriously at Jamaica, oh it just looks so gorgeous. We thought we wanted to stay away from the beach but I think the all inclusive resorts are what sold us. We still have to decide on which resort though.

Last weekend we had a bridal shower in Manhattan hosted by the lovely bridesmaids. I had a great time and I hope everyone who was able to attend also had fun. In a couple of weeks we will have a couples shower in Sharon, and later that night I will have my Bachelorette party in Wichita! Aaron will not have his Bachelor party until the following weekend in Kansas City.

We are so lucky to have so many fantastic and fun people in our lives to share this exciting time. Thanks for all your help and love 🙂

Something Blue

I have been busy thinking of all of the ways to make our day truly special.  I have so great ideas and cannot wait to share them with everyone. This past weekend was very busy. We headed down to Sharon on Friday and Aaron played a show at The Plum Thickett in Kiowa.  On Saturday Aaron had another show in Medicine Lodge with the Blaine Younger Band.  Both show went well, it is always nice when he plays so close to home.

On Sunday I headed to Wichita with my Mom, Aaron’s Mom and my Grandma Ruby. We were on a mission to find fabric for the bridesmaid dresses and flower girl dresses. We were partially successful, we found all of the fabric for the flower girl dresses which will be white with blue sashes. However we only found about half of the fabric needed for the five bridesmaids’ dresses. Because my grandma is custom making all of the dresses I was able to design them exactly how I wanted. I decided to go with a v-neck cross over bodice with an a-line tea length skirt accented by a black sash. The dresses will be made of cobalt blue satin. I am so lucky to have such a talented grandma to make these dresses.

I also picked up my wedding gown a couple of weeks ago, it is perfect! I was a little nervous as I order a different color than I tried on at the store. Luckily I made the right decision and it is the right dress for me. I will have to have some minor alterations made, most of which is having the dress shortened. My sister Holly just got married in January and she offered to let me borrow her veil, which looks great with my dress. I  feel so blessed to have family who are willing to let me borrow and offer their talent and skills to make my special day even more memorable.

I have been searching for a wedding memory book and had no luck finding one I like. So I decided I am going to make my own. It is a creative memories 8×8 scrapbook that I will be able to personalize to tell the story of our engagement and marriage. I just started working on the book last night and cannot wait to get home and continue my work.

I still have a thousand things to do before we are ready, but after getting my dress I told Aaron that I was ready. It is funny how getting that dress really made me feel like it was all coming together.

Let the Planning Begin

Aaron and I have started to make some decisions on our upcoming wedding. So far we have decided that we will be getting married on September 25, 2010 in St. Boniface Catholic Church in Sharon, KS. The reception will be held in Medicine Lodge, KS  at The Heritage Center.  We have also decided on the colors we will be using: black, white and blue.

I found my gown at a little bridal store in Downs Kansas, actually the same store Megan (Aaron’s sister) and Holly (my sister) found their wedding gowns. I did have a bit of a blunder in my wedding dress shopping. I decided on one dress, bought it and took it home, but about three days after I did this I was such a mess, I had the worst case of buyer’s remorse ever! I knew this dress was not “the dress”. But not to worry the wonderful and sweet woman at the store let me come back in an choose a different dress. My mom had went with me the first time and taken pictures of me in some of the gowns. Once I saw the pictures I knew for sure which dress I wanted. I went back to the store tried it on and ordered it. My wedding gown should be in sometime this month. I cannot wait to see it. I would post a picture, but I am trying to keep Aaron from seeing the dress. I don’t know if I will be successful in this attempt to keep it a secret from Aaron, but I am going to try for now.

We recently receive the final versions of our engagement pictures, they are wonderful. We are so excited to be getting married.

Aaron and I have also decided on who will be in our wedding party.

Diane’s Ladies:

Matron of Honor
Holly VanSkike (Diane’s sister)
Megan Piester (Aaron’s sister)
Christine Poe (Diane’s sister-in-law)
Erica Traffas (Aaron’s sister)
Lindsay Poe (Diane’s sister-in-law)

Aaron’s Gentlemen:

Best Man
Kyle Dohm (Aaron’s friend)
Rob Spector (Aaron’s friend)
Wayne Graham (Aaron’s cousin)
Mason Powell (Aaron’s friend)
Andrew Piester (Aaron’s brother-in-law)
Craig Poe (Diane’s brother)
David Poe (Diane’s brother)
Josh Jacobs (Aaron’s friend)
Mark Hunter (Aaron’s friend)