6 Months!

Nolan is quite the little rolly pully!  He has been able to roll over for a couple of months now, but just recently he has started to do it with purpose. He is reaching for toys and playing. We really have to watch him when he is on the floor, he is able to make his way around by rolling and scooting towards toys.

Last week  Nolan realized he was able to see himself in the mirror while he sits in his car seat. (We have a mirror on the headrest, so he can see his face from the front seat.) Then the other day Marilyn (Nolan’s grandma) and I were shopping and as we were looking at the meat in the meat case, Nolan started jabbering and smiling. It took a second for us to realize he was seeing himself in the mirror above the meats. So cute!

As Nolan has reached the 6 month mark it seems like he has really started understand so much more of what is happening around him. He is able to sit up on his own while playing with toys. He continues to enjoy the jumpers, it is fun to see how much he has grown taller. He can reach the ground now without a pillow under his feet. Aaron and I are looking into buying a kid corral/play pen for Nolan. With his new-found ability to scoot and roll we are starting to get a little worried about him pulling on cords and rolling into sharp edges in the house.

He is growing so fast! On Thursday (March 1) we have Nolan’s 6 month check up. He will be measured and weighed and get his vaccinations. It is always fun to see how much he has grown since the last check up. I don’t think Nolan will weigh quite as much a cousin Kylee did at her 4 month appointment on Monday. She weighed in at over 18 lbs!  I think Nolan will be between 16 and 17 lbs.

We have found a daycare center that will allow us to bring Nolan in for occasional care. This is great for when Aaron has to travel out-of-town for work. Nolan has been there one time so far. It went very well all of the teachers were very nice. Nolan will get to go back to the daycare in the next couple of weeks as Aaron is traveling quite a bit in March. It is nice to have this option available to us. It is also a great reminder of how much money we are saving by having Nolan stay home with Aaron during the day. We have a really great situation.

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