37 Week Appointment

We attended our 37 week 4 day appointment on Tuesday. Everything is looking good. Nolan’s heart rate was 144 beats/minute. And I am measuring right on track. The doctor did an exam and said that there is no progress yet, but not to worry because many women do not have any progress until labor begins. We are 15 days away from our due date. Really looking forward to meeting Nolan. We also got our wonderful car seat properly installed into our vehicle so we are ready for the first ride.

I have continued to feel pretty good. Considering myself lucky to still be carrying our little guy with no complications.  I have continued to experience braxton hicks contractions, but still nothing that is too uncomfortable. I am very tired usually requiring a nap to make it through the day. Nolan continues to move around a lot!  I can definitely tell he is putting on weight as my belly grows and feels so much heavier.

I think Aaron is ready for our trip to the hospital, we both have our bags packed and ready to go by the front door.  It is getting so hard to wait for this little guy to come, but hopefully he decides to make his appearance soon. I just can’t wait to see his sweet face.


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