Nolan’s first year

It is so hard to believe that it has already been a year since Nolan was born. What a year it has been. Filled with so much change, sorrow and triumph. Nolan is doing great. He is walking all over. He recently decided that he would rather walk than crawl, although he does still crawl it is becoming less and less often. Nolan has 8 teeth now, four on bottom and four on top. Nolan weighed 19 lbs 7 oz at his 12 month check up on September 6th. I think he has both gained weight and grown taller in the last two weeks as his clothes seem tighter and his pants shorter.

Nolan continues to go to daycare, since he is 1-year-old and walking he has moved to the “transition” classroom. I think he is really enjoying it because he has been worn out the last few days. The group of  12-16 month old kids goes outside two times a day and they have a more rigid schedule. The classroom has 8 boys (no girls). I think the teachers probably have their hands full! Since starting daycare in July Nolan has been in an almost constant state of sick, battling off a cough here or a fever there. He just finished a medication for bronchitis. Poor little guy had a nasty cough. Right after that he got a case of Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease which was going around at daycare. It was awful. He had a fever and he obviously felt terrible for a few days. He was not allowed to go back to school until all the spots had cleared up and so Nolan and I spent 4 days at home together.

Nolan had a great birthday party on August 25th at our house in Wichita. It was a lot of fun, Nolan was surrounded by his family. My brother Craig and his wife Lindsay made an awesome train cake. Nolan of course got tons of toys and clothes. So far I think his favorite new toys are his duplos that grandma Debbie and grandpa Ed gave him. Aaron just couldn’t resist getting Nolan started with his own ipod. It is not a new ipod, we have had it for several years, Aaron just got a “baby-proof” case for the ipod so that Nolan can play games on it. Nolan does not yet understand, but I am sure he will soon.

After Nolan’s birthday party we also had a 35th Anniversary celebration for my parents. It was fun. Most of my dad’s family was able to make it in to Wichita for the celebration while some of my mom’s family made it down.

On August 18th we had pictures taken by Stacie Strong. They turned out great. Aaron and I couldn’t be happier (unless the wind wouldn’t blow my hair 🙂  Stacie always does such a nice job and she is so easy to work with. Thanks Stacie!

I started classes at WSU again on August 20th, it is already going quickly. I am trying to stay focused and on track. I am so happy that I only have in person class one evening this semester. I end up getting to spend more time with little Nolan which is wonderful. I also started my new job on August 14th! I am now a para educator at Cessna Elementary school in south-west Wichita. I am working with the 1st grade. I am have already started teaching lessons. I think I am really going to enjoy this year.

Aaron is continuing to spend the majority of his time in Sharon tending to farming operations. Luckily we have managed to see each other about every weekend; which makes the separation a little easier on Nolan and me. Aaron recently participated in the Kansas Auctioneers  Championship Contest at the Kansas State Fair in Hutchinson, placing 5th. I had looked forward to watching Aaron compete, but with a sick little one at home, I was not able to make the trip to Hutchinson.

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