Here we go again!

I am absolutely thrilled to officially (on the internet) announce that Aaron and I are expecting #2!  Baby is due in early October so, I am securely in the second trimester (17 weeks) and so happy to be feeling much better than I did in the first trimester. Next week we are finding out the baby’s gender. Aaron is too impatient to wait and see and admittedly it is fun to find out and plan. So will it be pink or blue??  Nolan seems to believe that his family consists of a mommy, daddy, Nolan and his sister. He often makes little families out of dump trucks, pots, rubber ducks and they are always the same family; no brothers. It will be interesting to see if he is right. I am truly starting to feel and look pregnant. I certainly am not able to “hide” this pregnancy like I was able to with Nolan. My tummy is starting to round out and I believe that I am starting to feel the first little flutters of the baby’s movements.

We have recently had some small successes with our favorite little son (getting that in before I know if I will have another son :). Aaron moved the twin bed into Nolan’s room about 2 weeks ago. I wonder why we waited so long. He sporadically slept on a cute race car bed and our bed for the last year. Now that he has the twin bed he is sleeping all night in his OWN BED!!!  It is wonderful. Unfortunately he does still wake most nights wanting some warm milk in the middle of the night. Thankfully he goes night back to sleep. My bed feel so much bigger without a sweet little 2-year-old kicking between Aaron and me.

Our next big hurdle is potty training. At this point Nolan still expresses very little interest in actually using the potty. I am hoping once I am out of school for the summer(Last day MAY 8th!!!)  we will have a little more time to get focused on potty training. Honestly I don’t want to do it and I know that is not the attitude to have, but I just want him to figure it out….oh goodness we will see. My only motivation is that I do not want to have two kiddos in diapers.

Nolan is absolutely delightful (except when he is a handful). He has such a great vocabulary and loves to run and play outside. Anytime Aaron is working on anything he is always there to “help”. I think Aaron is getting better at accepting this wonderful helper and Nolan loves it. In his spare time, which is nearly non-existent Aaron is working to redo our backyard shed. Nolan loves to help Aaron pick up the old trim and collect nails. I enjoy watching them work together. It is fun to watch Aaron learn what Nolan’s abilities are at this age. Nolan is establishing his independence often asserting that he will “do it all by myself!!” It is adorable and mildly annoying in certain instances. Of course we encourage his independence all the time so it is fun to see him want to use it.

Nolan has always loved going to Sharon to the farm but usually that meant Grandma Marilyn. Although his love for Grandma Marilyn has not diminished he has started requesting to go to the shop in Sharon to work with daddy. He has a ball when we are there. He climbs up and down just about every piece of equipment in sight. He just loves exploring and asking questions about everything on the farm. Usually he ends up dirtier than Aaron, which is quite impressive.

Aaron as always has been busy working away during the day he works for Purple Wave and many evening he heads to Sharon to prepare for the summer work on the farm. As we head into spring we keep praying for rain and unfortunately have come up with very little rain so far this season. We are still hoping for a decent crop.

In the fall I will be starting my first full-time teaching position! Yay, Yikes, Ahh!! I am nervous and excited. I accepted a 3rd grade position in Attica which is about 20 miles east of Medicine Lodge. I am looking forward to getting to know my students, the other teachers and the families of the community. Aaron and I will of course still live in Medicine Lodge for the time being, so I will have a little daily commute.

There are so many things to do between now and August I hope I get it all done! Between starting a new job and having a baby I think 2014 will be quite eventful for the Traffas Family!



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