Singing the BLUES!

On May 9th we had our sonogram to check on our baby. HE is a little boy; according to the measurements taken at the appointment he is right on track to be born in early October.

Aaron and I had convinced ourselves that this one was going to be a girl….he proved us wrong. Aaron is absolutely delighted that he will have two boys and that they will get to have something that he never had…a brother. I am excited; but also a little worried that I will have my hands full. Hopefully the next little guy will be just as wonderful as Nolan.  It was a great Mother’s Day surprise to find out that we were having another little guy. Of course I didn’t get to go shop for a new outfit for him, as I am too practical and know that I have boxes full of clothes for the little guy just waiting for his arrival. I simply reminded Aaron that we will probably have to someday try for another so that we can have a little girl…he is uncertain of my plans, but I think he will come around eventually. 🙂

We are so excited about Megan and Andrew Piester’s recent announcement that they will also be having baby #2 this year (late November). Nolan and Kylee are such great playmates we can only hope that the next set of cousins will be so close! Congratulations to the Piesters!

Summer break has officially begun. Nolan and I had a very difficult start as he was not quite ready for the shift in schedule, but it seems to be going better now. I am trying to get a list of all the fun things we should do this summer together, because before you know it, we will be preparing for back to school and new schedules yet again.

Nolan has officially started potty training. We are on day 4 and he is doing incredibly well. He has not yet figured out have a bm in the potty but he knows what is going on and is very quick to understand what he should be doing. I had set myself up for a real fight on this and he seems to be really doing just fine. Right now he is still very highly motivated by his rewards which range from dum dum suckers, to skittles to marshmallow (can you say cavity, ahh). I am just happy that it truly looks like he will be potty trained before the baby is here!

Aaron and I have started the process of attempting to choose a name for our son.  I remember disliking the whole process with Nolan and I do not like it any more than I did last time. Hopefully something will feel just right like Nolan did.

Although Barber county seems to be covered in rain-repellent we will still be cutting the wheat that is in the fields in a couple weeks. The combine was delivered to the farm yesterday. At the end of this week Aaron will shift his work to full-time farmer and be in Sharon most days. Nolan has enjoyed the last two harvests and I know this one he will enjoy even more. He is already talking about taking rides in the combine with Daddy. Even though harvest is a stressful time of year, it is also full of memories.



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